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The first diamond to carry the message within…

An Application dedicated to your diamond

Your Diamond now has its own App from which you can easily upload and view your dedicated video message.

The App is compatible with the majority of current smartphones so compatibility will not be an issue!

Download the HRD Memory App below

An innovative way to express your wishes.

Your custom message is uploaded via the aforementioned HRD Memory App.

You or the person receiving the gift are, at any point, able to access it by simply touching your phone and diamond blister together as shown in the illustrative demo.

A live feed of your phone camera will be shown and from the diamond a hologram of the custom video will appear.

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Your HRD Diamond Blister

The blister features your diamond embalmed in a secure and tight fit to ensure the longevity and security of the product. On the other side of the blister you will find your diamond’s characteristics listed as they are in issued certificate.

The packaging

The presentation is almost as unique as the gift itself!

You will receive the HRD Memory Box as shown in the photos.

Inside the box you will find the blister itself accompanied by the HRD Antwerp issued certificate.

Personalize it however you like

At any time you can come back with your blister to us and we can make it into a custom piece of jewelry of your liking.

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